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Wetland Restoration and Management for Comprehensive Development at Sha Po (Park Yoho)

Situated at Kam Tin North near Yuen Long, Park Yoho is a rare example of a balanced conservation and private development outcome in Hong Kong. The project achieved positive environmental outcomes through proper planning and committed long-term management.

Prior to the residential development, marshes in Sha Po were gradually degrading. However, the area still supported the globally threatened damselfly Four-spot Midget (Mortonagrion hirosei), which depends on brackish wetland habitats. To ensure the long-term survival of the Four-spot Midget population and protect the biodiversity at the Sha Po marshes, aec led a large-scale habitat restoration in the early 2010’s through careful management of the wetland’s hydrology. After its completion in 2015, aec carried out adaptive conservation management and ecological monitoring at the 5ha site. The Sha Po marsh is now a flourishing wetland ecosystem, supporting a stable population of Four-spot Midget, the globally vulnerable Mangrove Skimmer (Orthetrum poecilops) and other wetland fauna and flora.


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