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About us

Originally established as Asia Ecological Consultants Ltd. in 1999, aec Ltd. is Hong Kong's largest independent ecological consultancy. Directors Paul Leader and David Stanton, head a team of highly committed and professional staff, who always go the distance to meet clients' needs according to pragmatic and effective principles of the consultancy.

aec works closely with clients in Hong Kong, Mainland China and East Asia to help integrate ecological considerations into their business strategies and project developments. This ensures minimum environmental degradation but not at the cost of compromising overall project objectives or budget considerations. aec understands the scale of conservation in which the clients' projects must take place on a case-to-case basis, adding depth and breadth to the professional advice. Over time, aec has grown in reputation as one of the most respected ecological consultancies in Asia.

Across a wide scope of projects, our team continues to bring in-depth knowledge on local and regional conservation issues, taking into account geographical factors and biodiversity implications.

In addition, our team also offers a full range of technical and scientific expertise, from familiarity with planning and environmental legislation, unparalleled fieldwork experience, to careful handling of press and public relations when dealing with sensitive environmental issues.

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